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Find a friend, make them family.

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Run a Shelter?

LokiTail is a new free software tool suite from Salerno Labs LLC for non-profit no-kill animal rescue groups/shelters. We aim to give you super easy to use tools that help you do what you do best, find forever homes for pets in need.

All of the tools have been designed for you, the user, first for simplicity and ease of use. Don't let that fool you though, LokiTail is powerful!

Fast and Secure

LokiTail uses industry standard SSL. User application data is stored in a resting encrypted state. Your data is safe!

LokiTail Pro

Upgrade your subscription to LokiTail Pro for unparalleled levels of administration and management for your rescue organization's events, pets, applications, and more, all for a very low monthly or yearly rate.

The service isn't even close to being done so feel free to sign-up, log in, and take advantage of whatever we have built for free. Let us know if there is a feature you think would work well in the LokiTail suite.